|| JhosadVs’kksfHkj{krq% ||

Lej.kkr~ {k.kek=s.k
dksfVikia Á.k’kuaA

n;kyqa ra nsonsos’ka

O;adVs’ke~ Á.kekE;ge~AA

/;k;sr~ fuR;a O;adVs’ke~ lIrfxfjfuokflue~A

ijekuUnojnk;de~ ijczãLo:ie~A

Jh/kje~ /kj.khoYyHke~ okafPNrkFkZQyÁne~A

HkDrkuka vHk;a nnkrq lrra oUnsJheu~ ukjk;.ke~AA



Our humble pranams to all respected viewers/visitors of this website-GSBKONKANIPEDIA. It was a long felt need to have a common as well as universal platform for Konkani speaking members of Gowda Saraswat Brahmin community, spread all across the world. This is an attempt to fulfill or satisfy that need and it is not claimed that this platform will only be the ultimate solution.

Each and every member of GSB community and of course anyone who is interested in the cause of GSB-KONKANI is welcome to share their knowledge and experience, views and news, ideas and suggestions for the betterment of whole community in particular and the whole human kind in general.

Purposefully English and Konkani are kept as link languages. There is no subscription or membership fee and only condition is that one has to provide e-mail id to be a part of this endeavor.

Disclaimer: This is a website open for all participant members who are free to upload views/fact /experiences etc. and the organizers/ sponsors/ owners need not agree with the participants ‘views. Hence they shall not be held responsible for the authenticity/copy right rules violation etc. in the content or context of individual posts uploaded.

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